Academic Calendar

January 12 Classes Begin
January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes)
March 2-6 Midterm Break
April 1 Classes Meet on Monday Schedule
April 2-6 Easter Break (No Classes)
April 7 Classes Meet on Friday Schedule
April 30 Classes End
May 1-3 Study Period
May 4 - May 15 Examination Period
May 16 Commencement
May 26 Classes Begin
July 3 Independence Day (No Classes)
July 31 Classes End
August 1-3 Study Period
August 4-6 Examination Period
August 10-15 Legal CASE Program (required for all 1Ls)
August 17 Classes Begin
September 7 Labor Day (No Classes)
September 28-October 2 Interim Assessments
November 23 Classes End
November 24-25 Weather Makeup Days
November 26-27 Thanksgiving Break
November 28-30 Study Period
December 1 Examinations Begin
December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception (No Exams)
December 16 Examinations End
December 17 Classes Begin
January 5 Classes End
January 6 Study Day
January 7-8 Exams
January 11 Classes Begin
January 18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No Classes)
February 22-26 Interim Assessments
February 29-March 4 Midterm Break
March 23 Classes Meet on Monday Schedule
March 24-28 Easter Break (No Classes)
March 29 Classes Meet on Friday Schedule
April 28 Classes End
April 29-May 1 Study Period
May 2-May 13 Examination Period
May 14 Commencement
May 23 Classes Begin
July 4 Independence Day (No Classes)
July 29 Classes End
July 30-August 1 Study Period
August 2-4 Examination Period
This Calendar is subject to change without notice.