Externship Program

An externship is an unpaid legal internship undertaken for law school credit. Ave Maria School of Law’s Externship Program allows students to gain valuable hands-on legal experience in a professional arena while earning academic credit. Many students find that externships enrich their education by allowing them to apply what they have learned in the classroom. Exposure to different practice settings through the Externship Program can serve as a critical tool for any student developing a career path. The Program is administered by the Career Services Office under the supervision of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Faculty. What are the benefits of externships?

  • Provide students with an environment in which to learn practical legal skills
  • Increase students’ knowledge of substantive law
  • Give students insight into the legal system
  • Teach students the many facets of professional responsibility, including: civility, decorum, timely performance of tasks, punctuality, and ethical considerations

Ave Maria School of Law also has a Certified Legal Intern ("CLI") Externship Program which is a hybrid between a law school clinical program and a for-credit externship. CLI externs work for a State Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, or other government agencies. Students participating in the fieldwork component of this Program usually have their own caseloads and appear in court or before other administrative bodies under the supervision of an attorney. They are expected to handle a full range of cases and litigation responsibilities.