Moot Court

Law students with an interest in litigation are able to enhance their written and oral advocacy skills through Ave Maria's extensive Moot Court Program. The Moot Court Program is run by the Moot Court Board as an academic program, and serves the dual role of planning and competing in competitions.

Building on the skills gained through the Research, Writing, & Advocacy (RWA) classes, students have the opportunity to participate in both internal competitions against their peers and external competitions at the state, regional, and national levels. The Moot Court Board selects external competition teams and helps the teams prepare with the help of faculty advisors. It also plans and manages the internal competitions, soliciting professors, alumni, and local attorneys and judges to serve as judges for these competitions

Third-year students who have completed courses in Evidence and Trial Advocacy can also experience the intricacies of courtroom trial practice by participating in an Internal Trial Advocacy Competition

"It was an honor to compete in the State of Michigan Moot Court Competition alongside some of the finest advocates at our school. I learned so much from them, as well as from the faculty members who dedicated hours to coaching us. Participating in this competition greatly strengthened my oral advocacy skills and boosted my confidence."

~Megan Jaye, Class of 2009
B.A., Princeton University